Privacy policy


Privacy policy


As part of our business, we, the law firm Treschow & Partner AB, registration no. 559076-1119, ("Treschow & Partner"), may process your personal data. It is therefore important to us at Treschow & Partner that you, whose personal data we may collect, are aware of how we handle your personal data and why we handle and store your personal data. In order to explain this in an educational way, we have therefore chosen to draw up the following document. We hope that with this document you will find the information you are looking for. 


Law firm Treschow & Partner



Correction 2 

Complaint 2 

Deletion of personal data 2 

Withdrawal of consent 2 

Data portability 2 

It was registered right to access 2 


Personal data 3 

Purpose 3 

Basis for treatment 3 

Responsibility 3 

Asset 3 Storage 3 


Purpose 4 

Legal basis 4 

Responsibility 4 

Asset 4 

Storage 4 


Purpose 6 

Ground 6 

Responsibility 6 

Asset 6 Storage 6 

CLIENTS Collection of personal data 7 

Type of data 7 

Purpose 7 

Legal basis 7 

Responsibility 8 

Asset 8 

Storage 8 



In the event that we handle or store your personal data, it is important that you are aware of your rights regarding our processing of them. You have the right to exercise these rights against us and if you feel that you want to do this, you are warmly welcome to contact us at the contact details provided, see the last page.


You have the right at any time to have the data we store about you corrected in case we hold incorrect information about you. You also have the right to request updates to incomplete information by providing us with additional information.


If you feel that we have mishandled your personal data, you have the full right to contact the Data Inspectorate to file a complaint. You are also welcome to contact us and we will rectify the error.

Deletion of personal data

If we process your personal data for marketing purposes only, you have the right to immediately request deletion or restriction of your personal data. However, there are times when we will not be able to delete your personal data if we, for example, have a legal obligation to save them.

Revocation of consent

During the time we store your personal data, you have the right to revoke your consent with immediate effect. You can revoke all or parts of your previous consent by specifying this when contacting us.

Data portability

You have the right to request your personal data if you have provided them to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You also have the right to get help to have these transferred to another data controller when this is technically possible.

The data subject's right to access

As a registered user with us, you have the right to request a copy of the personal data we process about you. You also have the right to know how we process your data and to get information about which personal data we process about you.


Personal Data

The information we store for marketing purposes is name and email address.


We process your data in order to send marketing in the form of newsletters and articles we believe may be of interest to you. This communication is done by email.

Basis for processing

Information for marketing purposes is sent out with the support of such consent as you provide at the time you choose to contact us via a form on the website.


The legal entity responsible for your personal data is Treschow & Partner Law Firm AB, 559076-1119.


Those who have access to your personal data are employees of Treschow & Partner Law Firm AB. The information you provide to us for marketing purposes will not be shared with third parties.


We store your data for a period of 3 years, unless you cancel your membership by contacting us. In the event that you wish to cancel your membership, we will then promptly delete your personal data from our system. If you have not shown any interest in our services after 3 years of membership, we will remove you from our newsletter and delete your personal data. At that time, we will send out an email before we delete your personal data asking for your consent to once again store your personal data and send out newsletters for a new 3-year period. If you then choose not to consent to this, your data will be promptly deleted. If you choose to consent, we will continue to store your data for 3 years going forward.

You also have the full right to withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal data during the time we store information about you with us. We will then immediately delete these from our systems.



The information we store is what you provide when applying for a job. This information includes, among other things, name, address, social security number, email address, education, possible CV picture, grades, work experience and other information that you choose to provide about yourself.


The purpose of our processing of your personal data during an employment procedure is to be able to carry out a recruitment where we weigh your skills against the qualities we are looking for in an employee at Treschow & Partner.

Legal basis 

The legal bases for processing your personal data are primarily our obligation to observe the rights of the parties in the labor market within labor law and your consent. As a legal basis for processing, we also rely on a balance of interests.

Balance of interests:

To be able to access and collect information required to make a suitability and competence assessment of you and your qualities for employment with us. These can be CV, personal letter, grades and diplomas. To be able to book an employment interview Processing of your personal data is based on a legitimate interest in recruiting new employees to Treschow & Partner. The processing is necessary due to the parties' obligations and special rights within labor law. In the event that we would become the subject of claims under the Discrimination Act, we process your personal data in order to safeguard our rights. Consent:

We save your information for the occasion we consider you to be of interest for the position we are seeking in a future recruitment and, to carry out various tests that are part of our recruitment process. However, this is not a statutory or contractual requirement but if you choose not to provide your personal data to us, we cannot carry out the recruitment process we adhere to when hiring a new employee.


The legal entity responsible for your personal data is Advokatfirman Treschow & Partner AB, 559076-1119.


The information you share with us stays within the company Treschow & Partner and will therefore not be shared with any third party.


At the time our storage of your personal data is based on a balance of interests, your data will in principle be deleted from our systems, at the time the current recruitment process is over.

For the occasion we store your information based on a consent from you, we will store your personal data after the recruitment process is completed in our systems for a period of 18 months (1.5 years). This is to safeguard our rights under the Discrimination Act.

In the event that the processing is necessary for the data controller or the data subject to be able to fulfill their obligations and exercise their special rights within labor law, we save your data for 2 years.

In the event that you consent to us continuing to store your data in our systems, due to a possible future recruitment, we will store these until you withdraw your consent for our handling of your personal data.



The personal data we handle during your employment with us are, name, phone number, postal address, possible pictures, email address and bank details.


This is in order to be able to fulfill our obligations towards the tax agency, accounting obligation and salary payments.


For you who are employed with us, we will process your data based on a consent basis, where you at the time of employment have consented to us storing and handling your data. In addition to consent, the employment contract constitutes the basis for processing your personal data.

We must also due to legal obligation handle your personal data as we by law are obliged to report these to authorities such as the tax agency.


The legal entity responsible for your personal data is Advokatfirman Treschow & Partner AB, 559076-1119.


The information that may be shared with third parties is name, possible picture and contact details for you at the workplace in order to be able to fulfill your duties as an employee with us at Treschow & Partner. This will be done through social media such as Instagram, Facebook and our respective websites. Other information that will be shared with third parties is, social security number, account details in order to be able to pay salary and as accounting documentation to the tax agency.


The personal data that we handle due to fulfilling our contract with you as an employee are handled as a starting point during the time that you are employed or if something else follows from e.g. legal obligation. This in order to be able to fulfill our commitments in connection with you and to be able to administer our contractual relationships and exercise our rights. At the time your employment with us ends, we will terminate our handling of your personal data immediately.

This with the exception of such information that is required as accounting documentation and which by law must be processed for 7 years. Contracts that are inactive and that contain your personal data will be saved for a period of 10 years, this due to the prescription period in the Prescription Act.


Collection of personal data 

Personal data belonging to you as a client is collected when you contact us with the aim of hiring our services for assignments or for advice. We may also, in connection with the execution of assignments, collect information about you from various authorities or via social media.

Type of data 

The information we store regarding you as a client can be full name, social security number, organization number, information about your employees, postal address, email, bank details.

 Special categories:

  • Within the framework of our assignments, we may store information that is considered sensitive such as, information about legal violations, ethnicity, political opinions, religion, sexual orientation, sexual life and possible membership in a trade union.

Other persons:

  • We process data for people in connection with our cases. The people we process data for can be, judges, witnesses, experts, counterparty representatives, contracting parties and more. 


  • We process data in connection with contractors at legal entities, employees and about counterparties who are physical persons. The information we store can be, name, employer, social security number and contact details. 


We use your personal data in order to fulfill our assignment towards you as a client and to fulfill obligations stipulated in law and towards various authorities and insurance companies.

Legal basis 

Legitimate interest:

  • Due to the fact that we as a law firm are bound to act according to the Bar Association's rules on lawyer activity and defend ourselves against legal claims. 
  • To be able to maintain contact with you via telephone contact, email and post. 
  • In order to be able to set up and book meetings. 
  • In order to safeguard our rights in other legal claims, directed against us. 
  • To be able to establish and carry out fee accounting. 
  • In order to be able to provide and provide correct documentation, administration and handling of your case. 

Our right to possess your personal data is not a statutory requirement but in order for you to be our client it is still necessary. In the event that you choose not to submit personal data to us, we cannot fully fulfill our assignment to you as a client. Thus, we cannot choose to represent you either.

Our legitimate interest in the above is to be able to safeguard and protect our interests and rights in legal claims when necessary. This also applies when it comes to administering the relationship to you as a client/counterparty/other due to the continued handling of the case, as well as fulfilling the ethical requirements placed on us as a law firm.

Legal obligation:

  • In order for us to be able to perform conflict of interest checks, which we as a law firm are legally obliged to carry out in order to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest among the parties involved. 

Contractual obligations:

  • To be able to carry out invoicing, payments and payment reminders. 
  • To handle and manage customer receivables that arise during case management. 
  • To handle and manage our accounting. 


The legal entity responsible for your personal data is Advokatfirman Treschow & Partner AB, 559076-1119.


As we as a law firm work according to statutory requirements for confidentiality and attorney-client privilege, we very rarely disclose your personal data. But if for some reason we would need to do this, this is done to:

  • Counterparties and counterparty representatives due to the case 
  • IT systems where we among other things handle our accounting and data systems for cloud storage. 
  • Your insurance company when applying for legal protection. 
  • The Bar Association if such reason should exist. 
  • Police if such is stipulated by law. 
  • Authorities if such is stipulated by law. 
  • Banks, insurance and collection companies for example when handling estates. 


We are according to the Bar Association obliged to archive all cases for 10 years after the case is closed, or if special reason even longer. This means that the personal data that is attributable to your case and that for some reason occurred during the course of the case will be with us during the course of at least 10 years after the case is closed.

The same applies to our obligation to always carry out conflict of interest checks when taking on new clients, we are therefore also there obliged according to the prescription period in the Prescription Act to store your personal data such as name and social security number in our conflict of interest register for 10 years.

In order to be able to fulfill our obligations stipulated by the Accounting Act, we have an obligation to archive information that concerns the accounting over the course of 7 years. We can therefore due to this come to store information that concerns payments and invoices with us during this time.

The information that we handle with the purpose of fulfilling our assignment to you as a client, is thus only processed during the time that we are legally obliged to do so. Other reasons why we may need to save your personal data in our systems are to be able to administer the contractual relationship, exercise our rights as a firm and fulfill our commitments to you as a client.


In the event that you need to contact us, please contact us at the following details.

Law Firm Treschow & Partner AB Organization number: 559076-1119 Postal address: Götabergsgatan 28A, 411 34 Gothenburg Phone: +46 (0) 704 - 18 55 93 Email:

Last updated December 26, 2023