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Ensure Success in Your Construction Projects

Construction contracts are the heart of all construction and civil engineering projects. They define the scope of work, pricing, time frames and quality requirements. Treschow & Partner is your legal expert when it comes to drafting, negotiating and reviewing construction contracts to ensure your project is completed successfully and efficiently.

The Importance of Legal Expertise in Construction Contracts

Complex Agreements

Construction contracts are often complex and detailed. Our legal experts have the knowledge and experience to ensure that all technical and legal aspects of your contract are properly addressed.

Risk management

Identifying and managing risks at an early stage of project planning is crucial. We help you understand and minimize the legal risks in your construction contracts.

Dispute resolution

Should disputes arise, we have the expertise required to represent your interests and work towards a quick and favorable settlement.

Treschow & Partners Services within Construction contracts

Drafting of the Contract

We design construction contracts that are tailored to your specific project and that protect your interests.

Review and Negotiation

Our team reviews and negotiates construction contracts to ensure they are fair and balanced.

Ongoing Advice

During the course of the project, we offer ongoing advice to manage changes and ensure that the contract is adhered to.

Dispute resolution

We have extensive experience in resolving disputes relating to construction contracts, both through negotiation and in court.


A well-drafted construction contract is critical to the success of your construction project. With Treschow & Partner, you get access to legal expertise that ensures that your project starts and ends in the right way. Contact us today to discuss how we can support you in your contracting projects.

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