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Real Estate Transactions with Trust

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, it is not only a large financial investment, but also a complex legal process. At Treschow & Partner, we specialize in providing our clients with a safe and secure real estate transaction, regardless of whether it concerns private residences, commercial properties or investment properties. 

Why Legal Help is Critical in Real Estate Deals 

Risks and Complexity 

The real estate market is full of potential risks. From hidden defects in the property to complicated regulations and unexpected disputes with sellers or buyers. A legal expert can help identify and manage these risks. 

Legal Due Diligence

 A thorough legal review, or due diligence, is crucial. This involves a detailed review of the property's documentation, checking any encumbrances and ensuring that all legal aspects are properly handled. 

Contracts and Agreements 

A property purchase is not certain until the contracts are signed. We make sure that the agreements protect your interests and that all legal requirements are met. 

Treschow & Partners Services in Real Estate 

Purchase Tailored solutions 

Every real estate transaction is unique. We offer tailored solutions to match your specific needs and circumstances, ensuring you are fully informed throughout the process. 

Comprehensive Advice

We provide comprehensive advice at all stages of the buying and selling process. From the first consultation to the final handover, we are with you every step of the way. 

Effective Risk Management 

Our team are experts in identifying and managing risks. We work proactively to ensure your investment is protected from start to finish. 

Dispute resolution

Should a dispute arise, we have the experience and expertise required to effectively represent your interests, either through negotiations or in court. 

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