Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers with good expertise in criminal cases & criminal law

For a suspect or a crime victim, it is especially important to have a responsive, committed and supportive attorney. We at Treschow & Partner have many years of experience in criminal and procedural law and can help you based on your specific circumstances. Regardless of whether you are suspected of a criminal act or are the victim of a crime, we provide early advice that can be decisive for the outcome of your particular case.

We also have ongoing contact with you and monitor your interests and rights during the investigation stage as well as during the trial in court.

We can assist with legal advice in e.g. following:
- How a preliminary investigation is carried out and what your rights and obligations are during it
- What to think about before and during an interrogation
- How a trial goes
- What rights and obligations you have in relation to damages
- What is required to be convicted of a crime
- Which sanction (punishment) may be applicable
- What opportunities you have for an appeal


During the preliminary investigation and the trial, the crime victim is called the plaintiff. If you have been the victim of a violent crime such as a sexual crime, assault, illegal detention, robbery or other crime that can result in imprisonment for the person who committed the crime, you usually have the right to your own legal counsel, a so-called plaintiff's counsel. The plaintiff's attorney must take care of the crime victim's interests in the case and provide support and assistance to the crime victim during both the preliminary investigation and the trial.

A plaintiff's counsel can be requested in connection with the report or interrogation by the police. You can also express your own wishes about who you want as the plaintiff's counsel. You can also contact the district court directly with your wishes. The district court makes a decision and appoints the plaintiff's counsel. You often get your wishes met. Plaintiff's counsel can be appointed as soon as the preliminary investigation has begun. The plaintiff's attorney costs nothing for the plaintiff.

Criminal Law
Criminal Law